Monday, September 5, 2011

Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Roundup No.14

Composing a roundup post is quite an enjoying task, but doing it on empty stomach is quite a different story and there is only one word to describe that - TORTURE!

We would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed to yet another very tasty roundup. 

My friend Sharon from Test With Skewer will be hosting the September event, please send all your entries to To find out more about the event and on how to participate, please click HERE.

Let's start with Sherie from 1/2 food blog who is no stranger to MMM with 3 delicious posts;

First a post on her recent trip to Kuching , Kolo mee is just some of the local specials she tasted.

Check out her mouth smackingly good Hainanese chicken rice.

Finally read the sweet story behind this Malaysian Ramly burger.


Next up we have Swee San from The Sweet Spot;

with her equally sweet looking and tasting purple onde-onde .


Let's welcome Sudha from Malaysian Delicacies who managed 2 entries;

Indeed a Malaysian tea time favourite - kuih kosui.

Something all Malaysians are familiar with and adore - sweet black glutinous rice porridge.


Lena from Frozen Wings returns;

with her hot and sour fish.


Next our old friend Gertrude from My Kitchen Snippets would like to tempt you with;

My very favourite soya sauce chicken, pass on the rice please!

A hawker favourite - murtabak.

finally check out her successful attempt on recreating a Penang specialty - tau sar pheah (mung bean biscuit).


Another new friend, Vivian from Vivian Pang Kitchen sent in 2 entries;

First let's check out her homemade roti canai.

How about some of these roasted chili drumsticks on your next gathering with friends?


Well it will be strange not to have some goodies from Aunty Cheah from No Frills Recipes and she sent in 2 entries;

Looking for a good beer snack? Check out her tangy pork belly.

Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner, if you want to try making your own moon cakes you might like her ping pei moon cakes.

Janine from Not The Kitchen Sink joined us again;

With theses very pretty homemade curry puffs .


Lisa from My Lemony Kitchen returned with 2 entries;

First a thirst quenching sago melaka.

Next a Malay classic - ayam masak merah.


Say hello to Shannon from Just as Delish;

Check out her cute little cup cakes, using the local fruit cempedak.

A plate of this delicious Penang mee goreng would be good right now!


Jehanne from The Cooking Doctor is back with;

Some homemade murtabak .


Please welcome back Shu Han from Mummy I Can Cook with her 2 entries;

First a red hot sambal belacan paste.

With her sambal, you might want to try preparing our national dish - nasi lemak.


Veronica from Quay Po Cooks came with a few claypots;

Please read the bitter sweet story behind her post on claypot chicken rice.


Our old friend Kristy from My Little Space managed 3 tasty posts;

First with theses ham sui kok.

She is showing her creativity in baking with these steamed sweet pumpkin kuih.

Finally who can say no to her homemade chai kuih?


Last but not least My friend Sharon from Test With Skewer still managed 2 posts in between her packing, moving and unpacking;

I would love a bowl of this bubur gandum right now to cure my homesickness.

A favourite snack that bring back sweet memories - bubur pulut hitam.


Finally for my belacan chicken and the rest of my entries + many more Malaysian goodies, simple click here.


  1. Wow, great job everyone! What a fabulous & yummilicious round up.
    have fun & enjoy the day.

  2. everything looks sooooo good :D

  3. what an amazing round-up! tummy growling just looking at the yummy photos. thanks for hosting!

  4. Wow! An amazing round-up of wonderful Malaysian dishes.


  5. Wow already the 14th roundup....well done and I must come back later to read them properly.

  6. I spotted a few that I fancy... weekend project I think :)

  7. well done everyone and thank you suresh for the round-up, lovely lovely recipes..homesick of Malaysian food after seeing these goodies!

  8. Thank you so much for such a delicious round-up. Makes me hungry too!

  9. gosh, I so missed participating in Muhibbah Mondays :( I hope I can find some time for this soon!

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