Monday, March 7, 2011

Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Round Up No.8 And My 400th Post

It is the roundup time for MMM again and it happens to be my 400th post as well.  I simply can't think of a better way to celebrate this important milestone for the blog!  We would like to thank everyone for taking time out from the hectic Chinese New Year preparations to make this yet another successful roundup. Please spend some time to go through each of the wonderful dishes below and I hope you will be inspired to cook some delicious Malaysian treats soon.
My friend Shaz from Test With A Skewer will be hosting the March event, so please send all your entries to

Auntie Cheah from No Frills Recipes Submitted 3 very delicious snacks this month.

Be sure to try out her mouthwatering bak kwa bread.

A dish I missed terribly - fried nin ko (battered new year cake)

Finally her perfectly made nam yue pau (steamed braed with braised pork)


The lovely Kristy from My Little Space also came up with 3 wonderful dishes;

First a healthy but very delicious ikan kembung masak asam.

Stir fried wild fern shoots, something I wished we are able to get here.

Creamy butter prawns  make sure you have plenty of rice with this.


The wonderful Gertrude from My kitchen Snippets topped the chart with 4 dishes;

Sambal chicken - the photo says it all!

Tauhu sumbat /stuffed bean curd - the perfect party snack.

Fried radish cake - it looks as good as the hawker version.

And finally a wonderful looking Mee rebus.


Sherrie from A 1/2 Food Blog again lends her support with 2 very tasty posts;

kek lapis with cranberry - very creative indeed!

And a healthy Dahl that would go very well with rice or roti.


Nathan and Annie from House Of Annie gave us this forgotten treasure;

Pan fried pong pneah - a very rare recipe from Penang.


Our friend Lena from Frozen Wings submitted this;

Nyonya chicken curry - this is enough to make me want to go and gather all the ingredients for the dish right now.


Last but not least my friend Shaz from Test with A Skewer also came up with 3 wonderful posts despite her very busy schedule;

How adorable are these steamed buns?

Char kway teow served at the Malaysian Kitchen Australian Event.

And finally a simple tomato rice that would go very well with all the delicious Malaysian curries.


As for my yong tau fu and other entries, simply click here . I hope you have enjoyed the roundup, once again thank you to everyone that participated and we look forward to a even better roundup this month.


  1. Thanks so much for a job well done, Suresh!

  2. 400 posts?wow tahniah Tummy.Sori tak dapat ambil bahagian MMM kali ini:( insyallah next MMM makcik join ya:)

  3. Wow, congrats on post number 400! Well done. Great round up, I want to make each and every one of those dishes, yum

  4. Congrats on your 400th Suresh! Looking forward more to come 500th, 600th.... And also congratulations to all. You guys did such a wonderful job here. Happy Malaysian Monday.
    Cheers, Kristy

  5. all looking good! 400th post?? wow!that's certainly a number!!

  6. congrats on achieving your 400th post! I've been stalking your blog for some time, and have been really impressed by all the dishes you churn out! I've also finally made a recipe that qualifies for MMM :)

  7. author(?), i'm sorry but i think u got one of the link mixed up... the link for phong pneah..

  8. Fabulous round-up! And many congrats on your 400th!

  9. Another great roundup! And congrats on your 400th!

  10. Happy 400th post! Wow, that is awesome.

    As always, amazing round-up of epicurean delights.


  11. What a fantastic round up! Congrats on your 400th!

  12. Oh wow, this all looks fabulous! I'm getting hungry just looking at the dishes. :-)

  13. Everything looks so delicious! I swear I actually feel a little full after looking at it all - as if I'd been to a real feast. Yum!

  14. Look forward to the next 400 posts !


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