Thursday, January 7, 2010

Khao Phat Muu Sai Khai ข้าวผัดหมูไส่ไข่ Thai Fried Rice With Pork And Egg

Since I am home alone for the last one week, I have been eating very simple "one dish" meal. This is an example of my dinner when I'm cooking for myself. A wonderful way of using up leftovers in the fridge; the few stalks of kailan, the bowl of cold rice and yes! the piece of pork fillet in the freezer.
It took me less than 15 minutes to prepare this and I was very happy and content after eating my plate of fried rice! Aroy maak!
P.S don't forget to prepare some cut chilies in fish sauce too!

serves 1 as a one dish meal
you'll need;
1.5 cup of leftover rice
some pork fillet (use prawns or chicken if you fancy)
2 eggs
1 large stalk of kailan, sliced diagonally
2 cloves of garlic, chopped
2 bird chilies, chopped
1 spring onion, sliced
coriander leaves
dash of light soy
dash of fish sauce
dash of oyster sauce
white pepper to taste

Fry pork pieces with chopped garlic and chilies til lightly brown, push aside. Heat up a little more oil and crack an egg into the wok.

Add rice and fry on high heat for 5 minutes, mix everything well. Next gailan is added follow by the seasonings, continue to fry til gailan is cooked. Meanwhile on a separate pan, cook a sunny side up.

Add fried egg on top of the plated rice and serve hot with some cut chilies and lime wedges. I also prefer to have some cut chilies with fish sauce.

Just a different angle :)


  1. yummy, and love the egg on the top, eat slowly!!!

  2. This is really an inspiration for me to try thai again. :)

  3. Oh another favourite Thai dish of mine, it looks like one straight out of the best fried rice stall in Bangkok! Aroy maak maak!


  4. looks great! i LOVE eggs, especially with fried rice

  5. Thanks for the chili jam, it is out of the world! Do you need anymore salad leaves? Drop by for a drink, we'll be home later! Cheers buddy!

  6. ชอบมาก มาก!!! กับ ไข่ เป็น ทาง ขวา!

  7. So good to have one dish meal especially for less people at home. Fried rice is one of the best choice.

  8. Rebecca,
    Yeah the fried egg with runny yolk is the star :)

    Thanks ! I'm glad to hear that!

    Thanks! Oh I think they do it better with those hot wok :)

    Thanks! I always have a fried egg with mine haha!

    You are welcome buddy! I might drop by a little later, let's have a beer in the sun if you are making the salad :)

    ฉัน ด้วย! :)

    Yeah it is my number one choice :)

  9. that thai style rice looks so delicious especially with that egg. mmm. i like my eye half cooked....mmm

  10. Harriet from CarltonJanuary 7, 2010 at 5:53 PM

    How come the fried rice I ordered never looked like this?
    Love the runny egg yolk!

  11. Never get tired of stir-fried rice...actually I am going to do some chicken stir-fried rice for the lunch.
    Yours looks heavenly delicious!

  12. I love fried rice especially Thai style.... I love your fried egg ...... yummy... I can have fried rice every single day , yours are so tempting and I'm drooling at it now !

  13. Fried rice is always my favourite to cook and eat. Looks delicious...yum.

  14. un mélange de saveur ça doit être délicieux ton assiette est bien colorée
    bonne journée et à bientôt

  15. Oh my goodness, that looks so delicious. I love Thai style fried rice with fish sauce as well as soy, gives it so much flavour! And yes, I'm a fan of the runny egg too...mmmm

  16. Ann,
    Thanks! egg is crucial! :)

    Everyone wants the eggs ;)

    Thanks! We are so lucky to have fried rice haha

    Thanks, it has to be runny though!

    Thank you, are you feeling better?

    Aux délices des gourmets ,
    Merci beaucoup!
    Essayez ok?

    Haha thank you let's have fried rice with runny eggs party soon!

  17. Yummy! you are so smart! I'll be having takeaway if I am alone lol

  18. Oh My..That looks scrumptious...Wish you were staying next

  19. I love all sorts of fried rice! love the story about your other fried rice experience, very sweet!
    When can I come over for a meal? ;)

  20. So good with the egg on top, yum!

  21. I love anything Thai really! I've been cooking lots of Thai lately because a lot of them are really healthy. This rice looks so great. Yum yum!

  22. Michele,
    Thanks! I'm not smart I just love to eat haha!
    I don't really have good takeaway near me and it is just a lot easier to cook at home :)

    Thank you! Just a very simple dish, come visit I'll cook for you.

    KL girl in MELB ,
    Haha me too! Thank you , just some silly old story.
    Can be arranged :)

    5 Star Foodie,
    That is my favourite bit! :)

    You are so right! I have more Thai recipes so have a look!
    Thank you!

  23. omg I am all over that fried egg!!! I absolutely love cooking with leftovers -- i think some of my best creations were made this way. This looks delicious and very comforting too, great post!

  24. I love Thai food, but never had a chance to try this dish, looks fabulous and full of flavor. Like the idea of adding the egg on top :-)

  25. Love fried rice! It's so delicious and it's the best way to get rid of leftovers. Looks so good with the fried egg on top!

  26. 炒得很棒,很有賣像呀!

  27. Oh that is a nice tasty meal I can have when I'm cooking for myself! Love the runny egg yolk too!
    Both the green curry and calamari salad turned out superbly! The boys are certainly getting better with hot food.

  28. that's a really nice dinner for one! :)

  29. Joy,
    Thank you! You are right about using leftovers, it is so satisfying too!

    Thanks, I can see from the many fried rice post you have too haha.
    Can't do without the egg :)


    love to eat,
    Yeah it is such a quick and delicious meal to make.
    Glad to know everything turned out well and my recipes are working haha. I bet they already ask for cut chillies when they are eating out!

    Absolutely! or just lunch on a lazy sunday.


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