Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Deep Fried Garlic

Although fried garlic is easily available these days, it is nothing like homemade version where crispness and freshness is always guarantied. Make a slightly bigger batch as they will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks stored in an airtight container. Sprinkle it onto your salad or noodle soup next time to add the extra dimension. You'll soon be making this over and over again.

Chop garlic

Fry garlics on medium heat til lightly brown

Reduce the heat to low and cook til the garlics are golden, stir from time to time. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain well. Store in an airtight container once cool, it will keep well for up to 2 weeks at room temperature. Meanwhile the oil is great for your next stir fry or simple drizzle a few drops into your noodle soup :)


  1. Wonder if the Garlic will loose its medicinal value after frying in oil.

  2. Ming,
    Thank you!

    I'm not too sure sorry, this is purely for it's taste :)

  3. Hi, i don't like garlic but your pics make it so...crispy!!!! I'll try it in my salad and let you know if I like it.

  4. Italian that dislike garlic haha :)
    Try using sliced shallots instead, equally delicious!

  5. This is an important ingredient for soups and pho.

  6. Love this.. I like to sprinkle in noodle soup.

  7. Fresh Local and Best,
    It is indeed :)

    mycookinghut ,
    Me too I always have a small jar just for that :)

  8. We love this at home but the last batch we bought was stale, I'm making a batch later!

  9. love to eat,
    Definitely worth making your own!

  10. Hi,
    Would love to try your garlic oil. May I know what do you mean by drain well, before storing into airtight container? Do you mean we have to separate the garlic pieces from the oil? Thanks! Love2bake


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