Monday, November 14, 2011

Char Kway Teow With Mixed Seafood 海鮮炒粿條 -"Malaysian Monday 60"

Char Kway Teow is  Malaysia's answer to Phat Thai; both dishes are popular and well loved beyond their respective nations' borders, in fact they are so well known no translation for their name is often needed.

Like its Thai counterpart, there are many versions of char kway teow each with its very own fan base. This is a healthier version (and also halal one) using only seafood and do away with the lard and Chinese sausage commonly found in many versions. If you are after the more sinful version, do check out char kway teow with cockles and Teochew style char kway teow.

P.S cook this in several batches if you haven't got a good powerful gas burner.

recipe from the tummies' kitchen
serves 3 to 4 as a one dish meal
you'll need;
1 kg of fresh flat rice noodles 
2 tbs of dark soy
4 garlic cloves, chopped
oil for cooking
12 prawns, shelled and deveined with heads and tails intact
1 calamari, cleaned, scored and cut into manageable pieces
20 scallops
4 tbs of dark soy
4 tbs of dark sweet soy
2 tbs of oyster sauce
a dash of fish sauce
2 tbs of sambal belacan (recipe below)
1 bunch of Chinese chives, cut into 3 cm lengths
2 cups of bean sprouts

sambal belacan;
3 red chilies
3 to 5 bird chilies
1 tbs of toasted belacan* (shrimp paste)
1 tsp of salt
2 tsp of sugar
juice of a lime
Blend everything in a blender and check for seasonings.
*to toast the shrimp paste - wrap shrimp paste with a piece of foil and place in the preheated oven for 10 minutes.

Prepare the seafood and Chinese chives.

Loosen the rice noodles and mix in the dark soy. Heat up a wok and and char the rice noodles with a little oil. Do not attempt to move the noodles too much to avoid breakage and when noodles are charred and slightly blistered remove and set aside. 

Heat up the wok again and saute the chopped garlic with a little more oil for 10 to 15 seconds. Add prawns follow by calamari after 20 seconds and finally the scallops.

Return the rice noodles to the wok and add seasonings, mix well and cook for 30 seconds.

Add Chinese chives and sambal belacan and mix well.

Finally throw in the bean sprouts and stir fry till the vegetables are slightly wilted.

Serve with some extra sambal belacan on the side.

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  1. Oh your char kway teow looks fabulous! I have an electric stove so will have to do them in batches:(

  2. I prefer char kway teow than phat thai and love how generous you are with the seafood.

  3. Wow this looks fantastic. It has everything in it! I am so hungry right now! Yum!

  4. haha i liek how you liken it to pad thai. i love pad thai, but growing up in singapore, i must say, ckt is still the best!

  5. I would love a plate of your char kway teow for lunch. Making salted fish and chicken fried rice tonight, hopefully it will turn out well :)

  6. The dish looks fabulous, I made something similar last weekend in the form of a soup. Thanks for sharing!

  7. that looks so appetising. do u know why it goes mushy whenever i make mine? it never ends up looking pretty like the one in restaurants..any idea?

  8. Thanks for all your comments :)


    try to get fresh noodles that have not been refrigerated, they are soft and not brittle. Also you need to have very hot stove if you are making a large batch otherweise do one batch at a time. Good luck :)


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