Monday, October 1, 2012

Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Roundup No.25

It has been a while since the first Monday of the month actually falls on the 1st and I am giving myself a medal for being able to finish the roundup on time.

We might have a smaller than usual roundup this month but they are all very special dishes, especially if you are a mooncake fan! Sharon (Test with Skewer) and I would like to thank everyone who have taken their time out to join us for this monthly affair.

Sharon will be hosting the October event, so please send all your entries to
To find out more about the event and on how to enter, please click here.

Without further ado lets look at last month's entries!

First up Kimmy from Cooking Pleasure submitted a whopping 6 posts! 

You might want to try out her red rice wine with residue "ang chow" char siew for a change.

Follow by a hearty fish maw thick soup.

I am seduced by the fragrant sesame ginger fried rice, perfect for ladies in confinement. 

For congee lovers, please check out her Hokkien style chicken porridge.

It was mid autumn festival yesterday and she managed to make some beautiful black sesame snow skin mooncakes with mixed nuts filling.


Next up is Vivian from Vivian Pang's Kitchen she managed 5 entries;

Check out her refreshing konnyaku pandan soya mooncakes.

Next she is introducing us to this delicious salad using a type of seaweed native to Sarawak.

This is her red bean filling recipe for mooncakes.

Those red bean filling is used to create these Shanghai style mooncakes.


Husband and wife team Annie and Nate from House of Annie shown us how far they managed to stretch their stomachs during a recent trip to KL;


Aunty Cheah from No Frills Recipes who has been with us since day one managed 3 delicious posts this time;

If you might fancy trying her braised pork knuckle with mustard cabbage.

Her traditional baked mooncakes in the shapes of plum.


Another great supporter of MMM, Gertrude from My kitchen Snippets also managed 3 posts;

I can't wait to try out her sweet potato fritters.

Her Sarawak chicken in black sauce is screaming "more rice please!"

If you have room for some sweets perhaps you want to consider her Sarawak style seri kaya cake.


Of course don't forget to check out my entries if you have missed them;


Please leave a note. I love to know what you think!

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