Friday, August 12, 2011

Just A Little Prettiness 11

The last time I did a post on "just a little prettiness" was more than a year ago. So lets forget about cooking and recipes for once but stop and smell the flowers instead.

I can't imagine a room without flowers; they add colours and brighten even the dullest room, they also able to give any given room a fresh look instantly.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will try to fit in a post or two over the next two days!

I love japonica! It says spring is just around the corner!

Rhododendron is one of my all time favourites, another sign of the imminent arrival of spring!


  1. seseorang yang sukakan bunga adalah seorang yang berjiwa lembut dan penuh kasih sayang:)betul tak..

  2. How lovely to see this pretty post! Once a year is not enough...more please!

    Best wishes and happy weekend,

  3. Great pics and beautiful settings esp. Pic #3

    I love flowers, in my garden, in my living room, on my dining table and if I can, I'll put some in my kitchen and bathroom too :-)

  4. Pretty! and a very nice room you have there.


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