Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shin Ramen The Tummies' Way

I was caught picking up packets of Shin ramen by an acquaintance recently. Apparently she didn't expect to see them in my shopping basket and wanted to know if I actually do eat instant noodles at home. Well the answer was a resounding yes (although I should have told her I wanted them as door stoppers) because my love for noodles actually do include instant noodles and I am not ashamed to admit that.

For me instant noodles are the best emergency/standby food around when one really can't be bothered with spending too much time in the kitchen. Therefore there are always packets of instant noodles in our pantry for such instances. These noodles in fancy packagings really have next to nothing in term of nutritional value but a little sprucing up and you will have a truly cheap and cheerful meal ready in minutes..... and this is how we like it at the tummies'!

serves 2 as a one dish meal
you'll need;
1 large chicken breast, thinly sliced
a small bunch of kailan or Asian greens of your choice, cut into manageable lengths
1 spring onion, chopped
2 packet of Shin Ramen
2 eggs
kimchi to serve
cut chilies in soy to serve

Prepare the chicken, kailan and spring onion.

Marinate sliced chicken with a little soy, sesame oil, grated ginger and corn flour.

Cook noodles with the seasonings and condiments until al dente. Remove and divide equally into two awaiting bowls.

Blanch vegetables briefly and add to the noodles.

Poached marinated sliced chicken, remove and add to the bowls, the quick marination will unsure the chicken to turn out moist and tender.

Finally poach eggs and add them to the bowls. Check the seasonings, if the broth is too salty simply add a little more hot water to the pot before pouring it over to the awaiting bowls.

Top with chopped spring onions and kimchi and serve immediately.


  1. yay for instant noodles! i love those noodles! i like the way you have used them! esp with the poached egg on top!

  2. I love shin ramen and I normally add fish balls to it :)

  3. Oh man, Shin Ramen is my boy's favourite! He can eat two packets in one shot! haha....

  4. yum yum! I love shin ramen =)

  5. I LOVE instant noodles; though my favourite are Cup Noodles. Love shin ramen too, nice and spicy.

  6. I love shin ramyun....:)! I love adding other ingredients too to make the noodles more glamourous...;).

  7. Nothing wrong with packet noodles! Although I'm more of a Nissin Ramen kinda of guy!

  8. What a wonderful dish! I am keen to try it!

  9. I do pretty much the same thing at home.. I think it's an Asian thing :)

  10. wow...lovely recipe and like this dish a lot.
    ramen in Rochester MN


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