Thursday, June 2, 2011

Siu Yuk 燒肉 Five Spiced Crispy Pork Belly

When my prepaid mobile internet's credit ran out during an unmotivated week in general, I decided to take a short break from blogging. It was a great decision; I am now completely refreshed and it will be business as usual at the tummies. 
My love affair with siu yuk (燒肉) started when I was very little and was always looking forward to this sinful treat after every ancestor worship - this together with a white cut chicken (白斬雞), plain rice and a few other dishes would always grace the altar on any celebratory day. These days we have it once a week at our favourite Chinese BBQ restaurant but once in a while I would make some at home too. It is extremely easy to recreate this beauty at the comfort of your own home and the best thing is you will only need 3 very simple ingredients! 
P.S If you are a fan of pork belly, remember to check out the equally wicked muu krop (crispy pork Thai style) and slow roasted pork belly with braised lentil.

serves 4 to 6 as part of a Chinese meal or as topping for noodle dishes
oven preheated at 240 C (coventional)
you'll need;
1.5 kg of pork belly
1/2 tbs of salt
1 tbs of salt mixed with 1 tbs of five spice powder

Prick the pork rind all over with a sharp object but be careful not to pierce all the way through to the flesh.

Rub the salt onto the rind and then the salt and five spice mixture onto the flesh. Leave this uncover in the fridge overnight or for at least 2 hours.

Place a wire rack onto a roasting pan half-filled with water and place the pork belly on top. 

Place the whole thing into the preheated oven and roast for 20 to 25 minutes then turn the oven down to 190 C and continue to cook for a further 40 to 45 minutes.

Rest pork belly for at least 30 minutes before chopping into bite size pieces.

Who can resist not eating a few pieces before the meal? Certainly not me!


  1. Mmm..yummy! Crispy skin my favourite! Irresistible! You have made it so easy. I'll definitely try this recipe. :-)

  2. this looks simple enough to do and who doesn't love siu yuk!!! Did you ever used to smoke the white chicken used as an offering?

  3. Hello tummies, been following your blog for a few weeks now( i know i m very late) and i absolutely love most of the food you made and this looks awesome!!siu yuk and 白斬雞also my all time favourite combi, i use to make this at home when i am craving for the crunchy siuyuk during my time in uk... now i can just get it from any roaster stalls in my hometown.. so much easier, hehe

  4. On the rare occasion, I've tried to make siu yuk, I've had trouble getting the crackling to crisp up! That said, I'll have to try your recipe sometime.

  5. Your siu-yuk looks so appealing. Good job!

  6. I have never made siu yuk before though I really really really like to it.. ggaaahhh I want to make this soon

  7. Glad to hear you are back! We all get that unmotivated feeling sometimes. Mmmm, so tempting this siew-yok...argh. Must make some soon.

  8. Love the crispy crackling ..... Gonna have to give this a whirl.....

  9. i can imagine the crunch biting onto the skin! can i have some please :p

  10. Pork belly forever.. Long live crispy crackling :)

  11. OMG, I just made this and the pork was delicious. My piece of pork belly was only a pound, so I tried to get the ratio of salt and five spice powder right, but probably missed a bit on the salt (a little over salty, but so good with the melty fat). I found the secret to getting the crispy skin was to brush the skin with some rice vinegar, and to turn the oven back up to about 475F and roast for another 15-20 minutes. My pork belly (which was more like whole side of bacon) still stayed quite moist from the fat. For a thicker cut, I'm not sure the meat would fare as nicely. The crisp skin though was a delight.

  12. i dontthink anyone can resist this!!


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