Monday, January 3, 2011

Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Round Up No.6

It is the first Monday of the year and I am very proud to present you our 6th round up of Muhibbah Malaysian Monday. It is extremely encouraging to have our friends both old and new joining us week after week with some of the best Malaysian dishes around. We would like to thank everyone for taking time to gave us this amazing array of dishes during the busiest month of the year. 
My friend Sharon from Test With A Skewer will be hosting the first event of 2011. Please send all your entries to, to find out more about the event please click HERE
Here are the entries for the month of December 2010, please take your time to check out all the beautiful dishes;

We will start with Aunty Cheah from No-Frills Recipes' 2 delicious entries;

Perfectly baked pandan flavoured egg tarts.

Her hor hee (glass noodles soup with assorted toppings) looks even more tempting in the vintage tiffin carrier.


The wonderful Getrude from My kitchen Snippet gave us 3 wonderful entries;

The very seductive looking chicken rendang.

How attractive are these seri muka?

Check out her very pretty pulut tai tai (blue glutinous rice cakes) before?


Our friend Sherie from  A 1/2 food blog also submitted 2 very delicious rendang dishes;

I can easily finish this bowl of beef rendang.

And this bowl of chicken rendang too!

My fellow Malaysian blogger from Melbourne I Hua from The Chronicles of Ms I- Hua joined us for the first time;

With her very successful chai tau kueh (white raddish cake).

Our new friend Lena from Her Frozen Wings also joined us for the first time;

Go check out her fingers lickin' good Nyonya fried turmeric chicken wings.


The lovely Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover cooked us this;

equally delicious looking lemongrass fried chicken and this is perfect with her nasi lemak.


Another new friend of ours Love from Love To Cook joined us again;

This time with this wonderful looking yoghurt mutton curry.


My friend Bo from Bo's Bowl cooking Malaysian for the first time;

A very big round of applause for Bo by given us this very tasty beef stew in onion flavoured sauce.


My dear Makcik Manggis From Jom Masak, Jom Makan-Makan with her 2 very special desserts this month;

First with this very refreshing tub tim grub  (mock pomegranate).

follow by lopes bunga telang (blue pea flower glutinous rice with palm sugar sauce)


My friend Sharon from Test With A Skewer  managed 2 posts during the crazy month;

This is one of my favourite snacks of all time - yam kuih (taro cake).

How about a slice of these refreshing agar-agar gula melaka (palm sugar jelly)


Finally my entries for the month;

Dry tossed wonton noodles Malaysian style.

A halal version of the infamous KL Hokkien noodles.

And finally my attempt at recreating the other Soo Kee Classic - Crispy egg noodles with fresh water prawns (sang har mien).


  1. they look so so good and sangat sangat sedap!! I must join you wonderful people this year!!

  2. Wow, good job everyone... especially Bo! Bo, you're incredible! Semuanya sedap-sedap belaka. Buat aku lapar aja. :o)
    And Happy New Year to you too. May all the good things coming to you in year 2011. All the best.
    Blessings, Kristy

  3. Great round-up Suresh. What a lot of great dishes (and new friends) :)

  4. Harriet from carltonJanuary 3, 2011 at 9:46 PM

    I look forward to the round up every month. This is another wonderful collection of recipes!

  5. I am loving all the dishes and will have to come back tomorrow to go through them one at a time :)

  6. This great roundup feels like a New Year Potluck party! Salivating!

  7. If all this food is in one place and I can try them all, that will be a dream come through

  8. You are my education into Malaysian cooking. They all tempt but right when it is 0 degrees F - the soup is calling to me.

  9. This is not fair so early in the morning! All of them look fantastic!

    I now how to study them, and make a few!

  10. This is not an entry i wanna read now.. particularly at 11.20PM! hahahaa!

    *off to make some supper*

  11. Alamak, forgot to submit my wu tau gou's (yam cake) entry!

  12. deliciousness!!! Wish I could try all of those this year!

  13. WuhooOOO!!.. I'm in for the next one too :)

  14. Another great round-up Suresh. Looking forward to participate again this month.

  15. terima kasih Tummy sb masukkan n3 makcik dalam round up ni..makcik terlepas pandang.Terima kasih banyak banyak.

    Suka sangat dengan resepi pulut tai tai tu..presentation yang sangat menarik..


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