Monday, December 6, 2010

Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Round Up No.5

It can only be one thing on the first Monday of the month, time for another round up of Muhibbah Malaysian Monday! Thank you all those who sent in their entries and hopefully everyone has learnt yet a little more about our fabulous cuisine. To check out all the delicious posts please head over to my friend Shaz's blog, Test With A skewer. I will be hosting MMM for the month of December, I know it is a crazy period but I am sure we will have lots of tasty entries. Please send all your entries to me at To find out more please click  HERE.
P.S I will be posting my first Malaysian Monday for the month tomorrow so do drop by!


  1. oh!! I always want to join the event but when I notice it,it's always ended for the month..never mind I make sure I will join the next round,December,right?

  2. I'm hopping over to Shaz's now:)

  3. Hi,
    Your blog really inspired me...
    I have some awards for you over at my blog. Please drop by to collect them when you can. Happy Blogging.

  4. I'm working on something for next Monday!

  5. Hello.. I'm in for the next months.. just posted my Msian meal yesterday actually :) I'll email you :)


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